Turtle 5 Hemp Company: A History

Artisan and West Virginia resident Lori Midkiff discovered the beauty, versatility,
and durability of hemp as an art medium in 1995.  Since this discovery, Lori has
used hemp accompanied by wood, stone, bone, and natural materials to create
macramé jewelry, woven and crocheted handbags and small accessories. Lori
credits her inspiration from her environment and objects encountered in her
travels.  She chooses colors based on these experiences and selects accent
pieces or beads to coordinate with her colors.  What started as a humble past
time has evolved into a passion for creating new and innovative pieces of
wearable art using one of the world’s oldest materials: hemp.  

Beauty and Variety: Our Materials

At Turtle 5 Hemp Company, we believe that nature creates the most beautiful,
organic materials one can work with as an artist.  Therefore, every piece of
jewelry, crocheted bag, or woven accessory is unique and one of a kind.  We
offer a wide variety of pendants ranging from turtles, suns, frogs, lizards,
dragons, owls, sharks, and beads created from bone, wood, nuts, clay and
precious metal clay.

Product Lines

I am proud to offer several lines of necklaces, anklets, bracelets, key chains, and
bags.  My handmade products are available on my Etsy.com website.  I have
provided a link below that will take you to my store.
Turtle 5 Hemp Comany Etsy Store
If you would like to contact me, send me an email at madknotter@yahoo.com
Check out Turtle 5 Hemp Company on Facebook